Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 In Review

Looking back at 2006, the year that was, in blog and in recollection, here are a few of the things and highlights that I most remember:

January: Can't say I remember all too much about the early wee months of the year. New Year's Eve I spent with a whole lot of people and friends in the town I now live in. Horrific event: The Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships (more pictures here). Voted. Began a slow but steady road to the miserable failure that was my 2006 blogging project.

February: I don't remember too much about this month either. My friend Heather got engaged. Really I remember nothing about February, other than the fact that it just would not quit snowing.

March: Jazzed up my template.. Made some new curtains (which btw, now hang in my bathroom, where the horse, painted in March, also lives). The Hot Rod clicked over 200 000km.

April: Went to Sudbury for Easter.

May: Had my big 28th birthday party. Canada took a census.

June: Saw Jeremy Camp and MercyMe at Canada's Wonderland. Applied for a couple of jobs, went to a job interview in Niagara Falls, went to the big annual Port Sydney Yard Sale, Jodi got engaged, got offered a job.

July: Started The Random Interview Project Part 3. Went to Sudbury with my friend Laura for a "vacation". Went back to my "old camp" for a day. Went to Manitoba to see my Gramma, Mom, and old housemate Tamara.

August: Got back from Manitoba. Put down a deposit on the apartment I would later move in to. Started packing.

September: Heather got married. I quit my job. Participated in a 9/11 blogging tribute for Valerie Silver Ellis. Got my full G licence and my wisdom teeth out. Moved 180km on September 30th.

October: Started my new job. Did a lot of driving between Muskoka and the York region. Had Thanksgiving in Ajax with the Yoshikis. Went to Ikea, got a new kitchen table and end table, sanded them, varnished them. Settled in to a new job and new apartment and new life (somewhat). Met the Woods. Pictures.

November: Still drove a lot between jobs. Marty came back to Gilmore Girls. Finished up a bunch of custom orders from my shop. Completed participation in the Holiday Ornament Swap '06.

December: Finished up the Winter 2006 Collection. Worked my last day at my old job (finally!). Went to Sudbury to spend Christmas with relatives.

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