Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Swap Photos

A while ago I posted a link to Cake+Pie's First Annual Holiday Ornament Swap which I decided to delightfully participate in. I love internet projects like this.

I was put in Swap Group 10 (out of 40! 400 people participated!), with 7 Americans, one other Canadian, and someone from the UK.

* Note that you can click on any photo to biggie-size it free of charge.

I took my ornament's inspiration from Matthew 2:10:

This past year I've been working a lot with corduroy and felt (and I had some festive-y colours lying around. And some vintage rick rack. Who doesn't love rick rack?

I played around with a few different colour combinations, for fun, and also because I didn't have enough of any one colour combo to make all of the ornaments exactly the same. But I thought it would also be nice to make each one slightly unique.

Packaging was of course important:

I used a clear plastic envelope for the outside, and included a blue plain sheet of paper with red punch-out stars. The back of the package I hand-wrote the verse that the "overjoyed" sentiment came from (seeing how the "overjoyed" on each star was machine stitched in my own hand as well)

Each star also got a Merry Christmas tag, with my website addresses on the reverse.

Completed packaging.

All the finished ornaments!
I haven't seen any of them pop up on the internet yet, but I do hope at least some of the recipients have received them and are enjoying them!

The ornaments I have received so far in return are:

A Norwegian heart from Annie Harrison of the USA, along with a lovely typed note about why they are special to her and why she participated in the project.

A goccoed cone from I love the nature-y look of these.

Flower and Bees ornament from joybucket. This ornament matches my kitchen (where I've been hanging them all) perfectly!

Lovely cake from The Cake Parlour. Another pink one to match my weird kitchen colours.

Cute reversible tree from Robyn. Right now I've unfortunately forgotten her website address and I don't have it with me, sorry! Yet another pink one! I'm sensing a theme.

Fused glass ornament from Robyn of 3 Hip Sisters. This ornament came in a HUGE box and I really had no idea what to expect when opening it! So lovely and different!

Wonderful knitted Christmas tree from Sarah. We weren't in each other's swap groups, but she contacted me wanting to send me an ornament, so I sent her one as well. I love the little not-so-conventional-type-yarn (what exactly do you call that kind of yarn?) balls stitched into the tree.

There are three still somewhere out there in postal-land I assume, can't wait to see what else arrives in the mail. :)

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Mummy and Blackie said...

I don't really think the pink cake is a Christmas ornament. There certainly is a variety. I like the blue fused glass and the knited Christmas tree. You could be thinking of ideas for next year!!!
Your stars are neat. :)