Friday, June 09, 2006

Yard Saleing 2006

Blogger has been down or slow pretty much all week, so it took me a few days to get all of these pictures from last weekend's yard saleing uploaded. The picture above is the little main road in the little local town JAM PACKED with cars probably some time around 9am-ish on Saturday. There usually isn't much traffic, but on town yard sale day, there is all kinds of it.

Unfortunately for everyone, the weather on Saturday was, oh, pretty crappy. Raining. Pouring. Bugs. Mosquitoes. Black flies. Ugh. When we started at 8am it was still raining and had been most of the night, the first couple of houses we stopped at I couldn't figure out if they had left their stuff out all night or what. And really, who exactly wants to buy wet books?

These tins I bought at the same house I got a great painting at last year. Unfortunately though, they were already a bit rusty and the rain wasn't helping things. Somehow I'll think of a way maybe to sew some liners for them perhaps... I tried SOS pads (steel wool), but they were already pretty fragile. I keep most of my sewing supplies and beading stuff in tins. The set of three tins and the little rooster I got for $2 (off the "make an offer" table, I hate lowballing).

Later on as we hit more and more sales, we saw more with tarps up or garages being used. These were the smart people. I was tired of looking at stuff that was soaking wet.

This bracelet is either ivory or bone, I'm not sure. It came from the same house as the tins and rooster. It was twist-tied to the pink belt buckle with rhinestones, as well as another plain pale pink bangle braclet that I gave away. Together they were 50 cents. The white bracelet I already made into a new bracelet along with some jade beads, and had three beads left over. I am not exactly sure what I'll do with the belt buckle, it's not really my style, but I think it's hilarious.

This is the only tree picture I saw all day, and I think it's actually a framed card. Kind of cheap, but goes with all the other tree pictures I have. I was hoping to find another paint-by-number, but alas, I did not see any anywhere. I got this picture and a Lagostina soup pot and a Lagostina deep frying pan kind of thing (are those called saute pans? I totally have no idea) for $4.50. The only pot I had in Ontario other than frying pans with me was a spaghetti pot, as my roommate had all the other necessary pots, but I figured hey... some day I'll need my own. And $4.50 was a great deal.

This glass I didn't actually get at the yard sales but rather at Salvation Army. I debated over some clear glasses with gold printed birds on them, but in the end I decided they didn't fit up to the standard of cool that my printed novelty glass collection sports. But this glass definitely fit the bill.
Overall, I was happy with what I got, although I didn't find any cool fabric or linens.

But the weather was so awful that everyone was crabby. And wet stuff is unappealing. And it always kind of shocks me what people will try to sell. Ridiculous stuff. Stuff that is literally garbage. Stuff that is dirty and filthy and disgusting.


rebecca said...

I'm not sure that that is a belt buckle... I'm pretty sure it was used to 'tie' up t-shirts in the eighties. See here:

I'm ashamed to say that I wore t-shirts like this when I was a young lassie!!

michelle said...

Ahhhh!!!!!!!! I refuse to believe it's 80s. I like to think 60s. :)