Wednesday, May 10, 2006

You Only Turn 28 Once

Since I'm bound to never have a weekend like this again, I feel it's a valid excuse for the copious quantities of photographs that follow.

Over the weekend, for my birthday, I had a whole bunch of people up to stay at a cottage the camp I work for owns. We watched a bunch of movies, had a bbq, did high ropes, went out for supper, played games, ate cake, had mixed juice/pop beverages, hung out, etc. Some people came for all weekend, some for just Saturday, some for just one part, and from all different parts of my life (work friends, WSC friends, Briercrest friends, and my cousin).

I had a wonderful time, and it was so fun to have so many different people out, and for them to get to meet my other friends. So, yeah, I had fun, and I think everybody else did too. :)

Melissa and Sarah, all ready for the birthday lunch to begin.

Ginny and Jordan, very intense about grill cleaning.

Jordan, Dorothy, Lisa, Ginny, Sarah (hiding), Tori, Melissa, and Laura. Hamburgers and hotdogs and baked potatoes and veggies & dip.

Dorothy, all suited up for high ropes.

Brandon, getting ready to go up to the top of the zip line to hook us on to the ropes and thingamajigs, and Jordan getting ready to be the guinea pig as the first one to go.

Jordan climbing the pole up to the zip line.

Lisa, Sarah, and Tori, at the bottom of the pole manning the rope in case someone was to fall off the pole or the platform. Safety first!

Me waving from up on top of the pole. I'd say the hardest part of the whole thing was climbing up the pole and then over the platform part. Oh yeah, stepping over the edge too. ;)

Me, flying through the air.

Dorothy whizzing by.

Ginny zipping by.

Lisa climbing the pole.

Lisa swinging through the air.

Go Team Ladder! Tori, Ginny, and Jordan. Once you went down the zipline... it went pretty far, you eventually ended up over the wooden platform on the left. Then team Ladder took the ladder and you unhooked from the rope and climbed down.

Melissa holding on for dear life while Team Ladder gets things ready.

After everyone had done the zipline, a few more elected to do one more High Ropes Challenge. I'm not sure what this thing was called, but it involved climbing a tree, then walking on one rope and holding on to another, until eventually they twisted in the middle. After getting around the twist, you continued on to the other end and kissed the tree, then were let down gently.

Jordan climbing up for the next challenge, wishing he had worn shoes instead of sandals.

Tori starting out.

Not quite sure what to do next, Ginny examines the twist.

Maybe backing up will help?

There's no denying it, there is absolutely no way for me to look graceful doing this.

Later that night, after going out for supper, I had planned a games night.

Koraley, Susie, and Bethany take a stab at the Ultimate Michelle Trivia Challenge.

Sarah, Lisa, Rae, and Sarah get ready for a game of Dutch Blitz. I was proud of all the Blitzers, later the group grew and absolutely none of them knew anyone else in the group prior to this weekend.

Somehow, I'm not sure, a few people decided it would be a great idea to build a fort. Jordan and Tori here are diving inside through the end table entrances.

Jordan and Melissa, a little too excited about the fort.

Laura and Melissa.

Jordan and Ginny.

Dorothy, with the birthday cake.

Cutting the birthday cake. I look way too excited. I blame this on the fact that like the first three photos of this scenario didn't work and the ice cream cake was super frozen and very hard to slice, even with a heated knife.


funkypancake said...

insane grin and big knife. a winning combination ! happy belatedly birthday

Jodi said...

Anyone else notice that there is one particular individual in 10 of the photos? Just thought I'd point it out.

Holly said...

Jodi you make me laugh, i also noticed but did not count, becuase i'm not crazy...

Rob Pringle said...

Hobbe and Beauj cleaning the grill makes me think back to good times in the kitchen. Oh the kitchen!

Rach said...

Sounds like you had a great time and what an awesome idea for a birthday party!!!

Drina said...

Looks like you guys had quite a party. I remember having something like that (minus the pole climbing and swinging and other dangerous stuff doing) when I was a wee kid. Makes me miss those days. Anyway, happy belated birthday!

Char said...

Hi Michelle,
Fun pics. I posted pics of my bike back in Sept. You can see them at these links: