Thursday, October 26, 2006

October in Photos

My empty room, with a view of the beautiful Muskoka autumn out the window.

The house I called home for the last 23 months. That was my room up through the top right window.

Driving along behind the van and trailer full of my stuff... it's amazing how much you can accumulate.

Still not sure what on earth this creature was doing in my bathroom! Ontario has weird bugs.

The day before Thanksgiving, I got all excited and bought turkey breasts. I had a lovely one stuffed with homemade stuffing and broccoli with cheese. Mmmm....

Sunrise, or sunset? They're both beautiful times of day, especially in the country.

A dawny foggy Muskoka fall day. Driving back.

Driving back south from Muskoka after a couple of days up.

Snow in October. Not so great for driving.

From my Ikea trip. Lingonberry jam is one of my new favourite things.

A trip to the ROM to meet Becky, Peter, and Catherine. More photos of their trip here.

With Becky after a lovely supper at IndoChine. It was great to finally meet you three! :)

Driving home through downtown Toronto after meeting the Woods.


megan said...

You've had a busy month! Loving the dramatic light and shadow on your Ikea meatballs. If an Ikea meatball sees its shadow... ten more weeks of autumn...

funkypancake said...

love the lighting on that ikea photo. goooorgeous.

funkypancake said...

sorry, left my comment before reading megan's - totally agree with all she said !

Neely said...

Great pictures! How are you settling in so far?

Kiko said...

I have to kill you now for puttin' on a picture of a bug on your blog. Don't you know that's against the law in Japan to post a picture of an insect?! I'm so disappointed in you.

PS I thought I was gonna jump out of my chair when I saw that, I hate bugs in case you didn't know.

rebecca said...

We should have met you at Ikea! We're crazy about lingonberries! But who would have held Catherine while the three adults ate?

It was great to meet you. We'll have to do it again sometime :)

Mum said...

Neet pictures except the meatballs. I like the bug too.