Thursday, December 28, 2006

So That Was Christmas

So, Christmas is all over and stuff and now it's back to regular old life, or something like it.

I went to Sudbury and spent the second Christmas of my life not at home with my immediate family... always weird and not quite the Christmas I fondly remember, but it's okay. Sometimes, well, most of the time, I somehow think that at 28 I should have somewhere else meaningful to go at Christmas or Christmastime. Still hasn't happened yet.

The Christmas Rundown, or Stuff I Did:

- worked my last day at OPC
- watched The Holiday
- watched The Nativity Story
- looked at a whole lot of pants that my cousin tried on that after the 25th pair all looked the same to me (I'm finding the older I get the more of an independent shopper I am)
- tried to convince a Starbucks employee or two to sell us their green tree decoration that wasn't for sale
- ate lots of chocolates
- did not have any stuffing Christmas Day
- petted a bunch of wild mallards (you just have to make sure they're more interested in eating the corn around your feet rather than biting your hands off because you're touching them)
- did not go to any Boxing Day Sales on Boxing Day because apparently there is some bylaw in Sudbury that stores have to be closed (? is exactly what I thought)
- forgot my turkey leftovers
- drove over 4 hours home again
- unpacked my presents
- wondered where the extra ice cream in my freezer came from

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