Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Curtains? Who Posts About Curtains?

Continuing my theme of mind-bogglingly intellectual and theological posts, here is one on the subject of my new curtains. And my old curtains.

My bedroom has weird patterned carpet, I tried to find a picture of it but alas I do not have a good one. It's a white-ish-grey kind of colour, with darker grey square outlines and kind of snowflakey-shaped things in the middle of the squares. I've never seen any other carpet like it.

So when I moved into this apartment I decided it might be best to go with a snowflake-themed decor. Thus, I made this curtain:
The fabric is actually a woman's scarf that I found at Value Village. I folded over the top edge and hand stitched it to go on the curtain rod (a cheapo one from Ikea). The bottom edge I hand beaded on assorted glass beads in various shades of blue and purpley-blue and clear and white. Overall, I was quite pleased with the way it turned out. The large dangling snowflakes on the sides are actually aluminum coasters. I got 4 for $5 at the local "dollar" store that keeps changing it's name.

But, I was kind of getting tired of the snowflakes. And the carpet too, but I can't change the carpet.

So a few weeks ago I was at a fabric store, and found this lovely voile print that I really like, and it was only $3 a metre. So I got two and a half metres and sewed this curtain up:

Here is a close-up of the floral pattern. I love this mossy-green colour:

Afterwards I thought it would have been nice to have two curtains, so I could open them up, but I can't really afford a second curtain, so one is doing well. Overall, I really like the way the new curtain turned out. It's more decorative than functional, but I have a white blind that actually serves the purpose of keeping the light out/in. It adds a nice barrier between me and the neighbours now though, I don't feel like they can see me crafting away any more when I'm sitting at my craft table and don't have the blind down.


Marisa said...

I like the new curtain better. But don't you want to know your neighbors?

Neely said...

Love them both but I have to admit I'm very partial to snowflakes :)

Neely said...

Love them both but I have to admit I'm very partial to snowflakes :)

michelle said...

sometimes i think it would be nice to know my neighbours, but i also don't want them looking at me all the time through their kitchen window!