Saturday, January 06, 2007

It's Almost Christmas and There is No Snow!

So... I wrote this post before Christmas to post then (Dec 21), but somehow it became a "draft" and was never posted. So pretend it's December 21st and you're just reading this then.

So it's almost Christmas... and really, there is no snow. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Well, here in Muskoka that is not exactly true, there are those dirty piles of almost melted snow like you would expect to find in late March or for most of the beginning of April. But it's DECEMBER. Where's all the snow.

But really, I wouldn't complain except if it weren't for next Monday. Christmas. It will be weird if there isn't any snow on Christmas.

I'm going up to Sudbury to be with relatives for the big day, so technically I think I'll have better chances of snow than if I were at my house closer to Toronto. And even up north in Alberta my Mom says things are melting.

This is shaping up to be a very weird winter. But I am glad that it has been mild and mainly snow-less and more specifically mostly snowstorm-less because driving up to Muskoka once a week for a couple of days would have been horrible in snowy and icy weather. But, guess what? Today was my last day ever working at OPC, I've trained my replacement so no more long drives. Or at least not quite so often.

Anyways, on to other things, presents.

I got a few of these tins from Wal*Mart to put homemade cookies in:
I ended up making rabbit sugar cookies with holly accents on their necks (you know, Christmas rabbits, they wear holly). I love the little snowman.

Realllllly close up, a tiny bracelet I made. I love the cobalt beads.

And this carved rose-shaped shell, this necklace I love. I had a hard time boxing it up to send away to the intended recipient, so I hope they like it too!

A few pairs of earrings I made for assorted people this weekend.

And a few more.
And one set all "professionaled up" and ready to go. If you're interested in purchasing similar earrings, check out my store.


Mommy said...

What on earth do those thisgs mean - hotmail tags??

The intended recipient of the necklase told me today that she really likes it and she was upset cause she thought she had lost it. She seems to have problems with loosing things lately.

Neet ear rings. Do you look at the comments??

Blackie said...

oh oh - should check spelling

Pamela said...


Since when does Blackie leave bog comments? The necklace and bracelet are lovely. I found them! I had put them in a jewelry box so I wouldn't lose them, then promptly forgot where I put them!!!!

Do you read all these comments Michelle?

Time to get new purses made for your shop! Not so much jewelry, have you been selling any of them there yet? Anyways. thanks for the phone call last night. ttyl.

Drina said...

Wow, Michelle, you're one hard chick to get a hold of (email-wise, anyway...). I was hoping you could do me a favor --would it be possible to delete my last name from the link to on your page? I'm trying to de-google my name for the purpose of pretending to be professional :)

By the way, I LOVE the first pair of earrings in the fourth photo down. I have a semi-matching necklace...