Saturday, January 31, 2009

Christmas Ornament Exchange 2008

I've been trying to take pictures for awhile but my camera is on the fritz... finally got it to work today. I wanted to post this awhile ago, but one ornament only came this past week and better late than never. :)

This is the second time I've participated in the cake & pie and Freshly Blended Holiday Ornament Swap, the previous time was in 2006. I still have two of the ornaments from that swap up on my wall, one a screenprinted-on-felt pinecone, the other a little bumble bee pink and linen circle from joybucket. I just checked back in my archives to see if I had some pictures posted from that swap, and here they are. Some of the ornaments I don't have any more, the rest are with my Christmas things packed away. I still like the knitted tree from Sarah.

One of the great things about that swap was the people you sent to also sent to you. This year, the people you sent to weren't necessarily the people that you received from.

You can click on the picture to make it bigger. I have to admit, some of these ornaments I've forgotten who they are from, as most did not include a blog address or shop address, and some didn't even include a return address!

Top Left chihuahua is from the Shops@FunkyFinds. The little knitted owl next to it was from Scandinavia. The "M" is a wooden piece with some puff glued on and then the fabric over top, with a little bit of snow drizzle of some sort. On the right, the rotating heart ornament was one of the last to arrive. The little flag says "Open Your Heart" on one side and "It's Christmas" on the other. Came nicely packaged.

In the second row, embroidered hoop. Two bottle caps (one Coke, one Sprite) hotglued together with a ribbon hanger. Ribbon tree from Kate in the UK.

Bottom row left is a snowman head made from a styrofoam ball covered in I think Model Magic, with a sock hat? Came really nicely packaged in a coordinating box filled with tinsel. To the right, a screen-printed deer ornament from Shanna Murray. Bottom right is the first ornament to arrive (actually, very thoughtfully two were included), from Michael McDowell. The deer and little owls are hanging on my wall now.

Also got a mitten from my sister, but at the moment, I can't find it.

The ornaments I made this year were little red knitted touques... only have this poor photo taken in December.

The ornaments you receive are a real mixed bag... some good, some completely odd. Some I love though, so I think I'll participate again this next December. It's fun too to track down people you'd like to trade with.

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Percy2626 said...

Okay, did you ever find the mitten I made you? You could have put a link to the photo of them on my blog. Oh well.

You got some cute ornaments though. I always find I get some really odd things and some really nice things as well.