Monday, January 12, 2009

Crafty Blogs

The following is a short list of some of the crafty blogs I happen to frequent on a regular basis, in no particular order:

Ysolda: A young knitter somewhere in the UK, have been reading this one for awhile but am not sure how I stumbled across it. Hers was the first knitting blog I can remember reading.

Princess Lasertron: A blog I ran across last year sometime from a link off of a design blog talking about the Princess' wedding dress. Her blog is an interesting look at a new business getting it's feet firmly planted.

wikstenmade: An independent clothing designer.

wise craft: The crafting pursuits of a mother and her family.

sugar city journal: Two sisters share childrens' clothing designs.

Philigry: Just discovered this one the other day, this woman is an intense sweater knitter.

pretty sketchy: I pretty much check Natty's blog every day. We went to college together.

soulemama: Another blog about the crafting exploits of a mother and her family.

Inside a Black Apple
: Found this one off of Etsy. I like to follow Emily's crafting pursuits (over her painting ones), and it's been neat to see her business flourish on Etsy and beyond. Whipup offers a great review of the crafting going on out there, mostly tutorials.


natasha said...

Thanks for the link pal.

Percy2626 said...

I checked them all out and added a couple to my favorites. People make amazing things! I just LOVE the children's clothing one. You need to add a bit more about it on your blog description. "Two sisters share children's clothing designs" just doesn't do it justice! By the way, they are Sister-in-Laws. I just love the most recent blog of theirs with the pretty blue jacket. Have you seen it yet?

Philigry said...

thanks for visiting my blog, and for the link here!
I will be back to see what you are up to!

Brandon Barr said...

Just happened by your site. I work with teens at my church youth group, and found your site by doing a similar search.