Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Random Interview Project Part 3: Jodi

After a short pause, due to vacation, work, and my general lack of keeping things updated here, horray, here is the return of The Random Interview Project Part Three.

Jodi, my long time friend and former roommate, brings us this episode. Check out her previous Part One and Part Two interviews as well.

1. What are three things you miss about living in Montana?
The mountains, the nearby lakes, and my dad

2. What's the best thing about Joliet?
Other than my wonderful fiancee Graham? I have some wonderful friends here that love me for who I am and don't expect me to be anything else.

3. What is one memory from life you remember like it was yesterday?
When Holly, Michelle, and I were walking home from the Pilgrim Restaurant and we saw a certain individual with a certain shaggin' wagon that was having some mechanical difficulties....ahahahha...and I then Holly fell and went "whoop", which I think was a separate occasion, but is combined with the first in my mind.

4. Weirdest thing that ever happened in dorm that you can recall?

Super early one Saturday morning our bathroom sink started leaking like crazy and spilling out into our rooms and Jenelle and I were going crazy and making all kinds of racket so girls came out threatening to tell the RA, but the funny part is, I WAS the RA. haha

5. What are you most looking forward to about married life?
Is this a trick question? What does EVERYONE look forward to about married life? :) Actually, I will be glad when we don't have to say goodbye anymore. I hate it when he leaves at night.

6. Share a funny story about one or both of your siblings.
They are both crazy. Seriously. Well my brother told a joke the other day that goes like this: "why do people use the term PMS?....Because the term Mad cow was already taken." haha....but my sister who is the queen of PMS got super mad and yelled at him which just illustrated his point even moreso.

7. Name two things you would choose to eat for the rest of your life if you weren't allowed to eat anything else.
Cereal and yogurt

8. What would you like to name your firstborn?

I like the name Josiah, but Graham likes the name Tobias...he thinks it would be great to name our son Toby Keith. I disagree. As far as girl names, they don't exist in our minds, I don't want any girls.

9. What is your favourite aspect and least favourite aspect of your current job?

My favorite part is getting to work with the kids and watch them grow. That's the greatest thing least favorite part is the stress of planning big events and the fact that b/c I'm the only female on stuff people are more willing to call me and ask me to do stuff for them (like let them into the church when nobody is around).

10. If you could change your entire name, what would you change it to and why?
MGIJ. Haha. I get to change my name next year to Jodi Lea Rogers and Graham always pronounces my middle name as Leah instead of Lee so it's almost as though my name has completely changed anyway. I always liked long first names like tiffany or vanessa... nowdays I like names like natalie or alicia.

Thank you for this lovely opportunity to share about my life. I hope it was inspiring for you.


barclee said...

i want to do the damn interview. p.s- i miss jodi (and you michelle, and my pink sweater)

RM2 said...

Was that my red shaggin wagon or my (silver-taupe metallic) purplish, gray, whatever one? The red one had lots of problems. The Toyota is a little bit better than the old red Subaru was. Good times

barclee said...

im still waiting for my questions

Jodi said...

and I miss barcs and the pink sweater too