Thursday, August 17, 2006

This Weekend, Because My Life is so Jam-Packed With Excitement

It's only Thursday, but I can't wait for the weekend. Actually, I pretty much look forward to every weekend.

I have big plans for this upcoming weekend.

1. Sleep in until 9-9:30ish Saturday. Instead of my usual get up at 8am thing.
2. Lounge around and think about getting up.
3. Pop a blueberry waffle into the toaster, turn on tv.
4. Eat waffle, watch Felicity.
5. Shower.
6. Go to thrift store.
7. Find cool stuff.
8. Avoid bead store, avoid spending money.
9. Get groceries.
10. Go home, make lunch.
11. Cut out and sew dress for Heather and Todd's wedding.
12. Rejoice at the fact that I'm not at work.
13. Maybe clean my room.
14. Maybe finish unpacking my suitcase.
15. Hopefully finish some purses and bags I've had on the go for awhile. I have some new ideas. I want to get to those.
16. Etc.

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