Friday, August 18, 2006

Flashback Friday: Spring 1982

Here it is, me at age 4, photographic proof of the beginning of my love for manual labour (ha!) and flip flops. And I totally remember that matching purple terrycloth short set. The tank top had a butterfly embroidered on it.

Once when we went to my great aunt's cabin and went canoeing for my first canoe ride ever, and I was wearing another totally green monocromatic short set that got wet because some people in a motor boat were showing off and making big waves, and then I had to change into that purple outfit, and it was very very cold and I was freezing.

Not really sure at all what I'm carrying. Looks like some kind of gauges. This is at my Gramma's house, and the back has writing by her that says something about "Chelle and Pam" helping their Dad. Pam's carrying an elephant fertilizer bag (not fertilizer for elephants, I think maybe "Elephant" was the brand name? There was a picture of an elephant head on the bag so that's what we always called it) full of I'm not sure what.

Note especially the matching flip flops. And my little feet.

I loved flip flops. I still love flip flops.

But back in the day we called them "thongs" before that referred to something else that people wear. Those years between elementary school and my late college years when flip flops/thongs didn't exist anywhere in shoewear were sad ones. Thank goodness they've come back, summer never was the same without them.


megan said...

I love your body language here-- it's saying, "These things are soooo heavy, do I HAVE to carry them???"

Drina said...

You look like you can't decide if you want to laugh or cry :D