Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Random Interview Project 3: Megan

This installment of The Random Interview Project Part 3 comes from Megan, at the lovely blog beetlegrass. I found her blog not too long ago through some other craft blog somewhere, and haven't stopped reading since... definitely one of my favourites!

1. Consider for a moment that you have to move to another state for the rest of your life and are never allowed to return. What state would you choose to move to and why?
For a community of artists, for adventure, for weather that doesn't include lotza humidity: either Maine or New Mexico.

2. In the same above scenario, what would you miss most about the state you now live in?
Since I've only lived in Massachusetts for coming up on two years now, there's really nothing about the STATE that I would miss. (Sorry, Governor Whoever!) What I would miss is having my alma mater a scant six miles away from my 'Rambling Estate'. (And by 'Rambling Estate', I mean: 'Pricker-choked Poor Investment', ha ha!)

3. What are your top three of all time favourite thrifting/antique/yard sale/garage sale/jumble sale finds?
Oh, man, you're making me choose just THREE? So cruel of you, so Sophie's-Choice of you! But here goes:

1. Four decorative tiles, Swedish/Norwegian in flavor, think I paid $1/each for these? You can see them here.

2. A Pyrex serving bowl, white with red polka dots, paid $3, you can sorta see it through the glass cupboard here.

3. A tin dollhouse, images imprinted on the tin, paid $15, you can see it here.

4. Of the past five years, what is your favourite accomplishment?
The accomplishment that I'm most proud of is getting onboard with the whole computer/website/blog thing. Last summer started taking Continuing Ed classes in Photoshop & Illustrator; had my website designed; started a blog. After so many years of doing things (illustrating, advertising) "the old-fashioned way", so nice to have a fresh squirt of "something new" to make work/life interesting again!

5. When you remember the age 16, what is the first memory that comes to mind?
Too many memories! Can't pick one! Must! Auggghhh! Ok: went to a dance with a guy from marching band, and after an after-party, we got into a car that we thought was his, and were confused that it was full of crumpled-up newspapers. Turns out? Not his car--but was the same make, model, color, etc., and was parked right next to his car. Big-Time Laffs ensued. (No, we weren't drinking.)

6. What family trip do you remember most fondly?
When I was in the third grade, our entire family (five kids, two parents) traveled all across the US (from Connecticut to California and back again) in our van, camping along the way. When we got out west, my dad flew back to CT for work, and my mom continued on with the remainder of the trip as the only adult! I often wonder how & why she did this... We did and saw many things (Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Sequoia Nat'l Park, etc., etc.), but as an 8 year old, some of the memories are lost to me. It would be fun to re-do this trip, albeit with SOME HEAVY REVISION/EDITING (ix-nay on the ripped tents & leaky air mattresses)!

7. If you could re-experience any one year of your life again, what year would you choose and why?
With the proviso of "Knowing What I Know Now" at my disposal, I would choose the junior year of college to do over. There were some "personal relationship" issues that I handled with all the smoothness, all the aplomb of a... well, a 20-year-old. Not that the way things spilled out woulda/shoulda been any different from the way they did, mind you, just: could have been a little more..."BIG PICTURE", if you know what I mean... How's that for being mysterious? ;-)

8. If you could be three inches taller, would you take it? Why or why not?
Oh, in a heartbeat! My sister said, "As long as the three inches isn't just in like your forehead or something!" Heehee! Yeah, I'd take it-- cuz I'm 5'2" AND A QUARTER, and I can handle the "three inches WIDER" all on my own, thenkyouverymuch!

9. What are three life goals you have not yet accomplished that you still hope to?
Stirred up a Midlife Crisis with this one! Do I still have goals? What are they? What does it mean if I don't? Have I given up? Am I without hope for the future? Are 'dreams' the same as 'goals'?
Phew! Too much thinking! So I guess I'll say, after all that brain-swirling has settled down:

1. It'd be "nice" to have something that I've both illustrated AND written be published
2. Marriage? (This is where the Dream vs. Goal dilemma reared its head.)
3. Having the basement fixed so that each predicted raindrop doesn't send me into Paroxysms of Panic

10. What were some of the perks of growing up in your family that you wouldn't have traded for anything?
Being one of five kids, and being raised by parents who were themselves raised during The Depression, it was instilled in us to use what we had; to make rather than constantly buy new. As a result, one of my "Skill Sets" is that I can pretty much make anything from nothing, and have it look good.

We grew up without TV, so I am: easily amused, don't HAVE to be constantly entertained, and can always find something to keep me busy.

Also, in going through Life & all its weirdnesses at times: my siblings are the ones on whom I count the most; the ones I trust the most; the ones that I go to for advice before anyone else; the ones who 'get it' without Two Tons of Explanations. Wouldn't trade that for being an only child.

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