Monday, July 24, 2006

The Random Interview Project Part 3: Rob

Here is the official second post of The Random Interview Project Part 3, brought to you from Rob, whom I know as "Chippy" from WSC.

1. What do you remember when you think of being 10 years old?
At age 10, I remember we did renovations. The year of course was 1996. I had to message my sister to confirm this, but I was quite sure of it. We started in May, tore up some carpet in the ground floor, painted everything a new colour, then put down new carpet. I remember it was May, because the Mothers Day Telethon was on and I can recall watching most of the weekend in the dining room. I also lost my hamster into the cold air return, but it lived.

2. If you could go back to your grade 10 year of high school, would there be anything you'd change?
I might have tried harder in school, but in general it was a great year. My parents and I made a switch to a new church and I made a lot of new friends. That kind of determined my path for the rest of high school. In some ways I would have liked to join up with more local groups and be more involved, especially to make better connections with my close group of friends.

3. What is one of your favourite memories from the past year?
I broke out of my comfort zone on many occasions this year, thus I'd say that any baby step towards being more comfortable in new situations is a great memory. If I could pinpoint any one event however, it would be breaking my 4th metacarpal. Why? Because it gave me something to talk about for the rest of the term. I had the opportunity to joke about my own misfortune and talk to people I wouldnt have before.

4. Imagine for a moment next summer you were given a grant to do anything you'd like in the whole world for two months... what do you think you'd do and why?
Well. First off Id have to question whether or not I could justify taking the grant. First off, Im supposed to be studying in school next summer. Secondly, Ive signed a contract saying that I would be a residence Don, and I dont think Mary would be happy with me.

All that put aside however, I would do a couple things:
a) Take a vacation to somewhere exotic. I havent been on a substantial vacation with friends ever. So Id load up some of the high school buddies and wed all head off together. Im pretty sure none of us have gone anywhere too far.

b) I would only be gone for a week, so Id like to go back to camp and plunge toilets. I miss it ever so much, and I know that in reality I will not be able to go back next summer, even for the nice visits like I'm doing this year. Camp has been an essential part of my summers, and plunging toilets and other such menial labour would make my life complete.

5. Who is someone that has taught you much about life?
My dad has taught me the most. His punishments were never more than a firm spanking (for discipline) and a good long talk about consequences. I've done a lot of stupid things, made some of the worst choices, and each time, dad sat me down and went through the problem, solutions, and consequences of whatever happened. And even when I thought hed be mad as Ill get out at me when he found out about these things, he was always caring and not quick to judge me. He knows I make mistakes, because he knows he made some of the same ones as he was growing up.

6. What is one of the most ridiculous things you've ever witnessed?
I dont quite know. I find that often I hear more about ridiculous things than I do see them. Maybe for myself it was seeing people I once respected doing something we had made fun of people for doing in high school. Just because we are old enough now, doesnt make it right. Right?

7. What's so great about orange?
I knew this would be on here! Well, I used to have a thing for yellow. In fact, at camp one week as a camper they called me banana boy because I wore a yellow muscle shirt for most of the week (literally). As I grew up a bit more, I discovered the colour orange. Oddly enough I used to have that problem where orange/green were always mixed up in speech.

My fetish (of sorts) really started in grade 10 and 11. I started getting a whole bunch of orange things, like tee shirts, and other things. Eventually my mom started buying things mostly in orange. It kind of just progressed. Orange became sort of an anthem for me in University. It started showing up on major documents that were related to my choices of program, residence, orientation team, and other places. It sealed in my mind that I was on the right path at the right time. And it helps me (again) to break out of my comfort zone.

And as the dean of students at my residence says, it brings out the hazel of my eyes. Now thats attractive.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I'll have established my career as a planner, likely working in a municipal or government office, getting a medium level wage and doing some learning on the side. Now that Im in university, Im kind of hooked. I might take some distance ed to keep learning about the field of Planning since the undergraduate years arent going to be enough to get all the info I want.

9. What are three of your top life goals?
a) Establish a new part of the Pringle family and love them to pieces.
b) Be a positive influence on everyone I meet.
c) Love life, Love God.

Those shouldnt need any explanation.

10. If you could go back and tell your younger self anything you know now to be true, what would you tell yourself?

Even though you dont miss them all the time, your parents miss you every single minute you arent home. And Dad will pray for you at every meal, even if you are home.

Well this was fun! Thanks Mikao!

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