Monday, January 18, 2010

Movies I Can Watch Again and Again

- Serendipity
- Elizabethtown
- Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
- Back to the Future II
- Finding Forrester
- The Lakehouse
- A Lot Like Love
- P.S. I Love You
- Brokedown Palace
- The Bourne Identity
- Kate & Leopold
- Catch and Release
- August Rush
- The Holiday
- Little Women
- Enchanted
- The Blind Side


Marco said...

wait, what happened to Napoleon Dynamite? Wasn't that on your previous "Movie to watch again and again" lists?

Jennie Frances said...

So you saw Blind Side?

Jillian said...

"Fresh creamery butter. Is there anything more comforting? I say there is..." Kate & Leopold is the only thing I've watched on TV so far this year. Aside from Serendipity (which I really don't remember as being worth watching again) it's the only movie on your list that I've seen.

Michelle said...

Marco... hmmm... apparently I did say "I'd definitely watch it again," but I think I've actually only seen it once all the way through, and maybe some parts of it again but not the whole thing. I could watch it again though.

Percy2626 said...

- Serendipity (not worth watching again, well maybe once in a long while!)
- Elizabethtown (I liked this one)
- Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (nope)
- Back to the Future II (Love the first two)
- Finding Forrester (Like it)
- The Lakehouse (Don't think I'll watch again)
- A Lot Like Love (Haven't seen)
- P.S. I Love You (Don't think I've seen)
- Brokedown Palace (Haven't seen)
- The Bourne Identity (Didn't like)
- Kate & Leopold (Haven't seen, but is on my list to watch someday soon.)
- Catch and Release (probably won't see again)
- August Rush (Great show)
- The Holiday (Like this one)
- Little Women (Classic)
- Enchanted (Awesome)
- The Blind Side (Best show ever! Lots of issues people don't even think about).

Mike said...

Enchanted is AWESOME! Glad it made your list.