Monday, January 11, 2010


I can remember telling someone sometime around a year or so ago or so that I thought knitting a sweater was ridiculous due to a few factors:

a) It takes a long time
b) You can buy a perfectly good sweater for not very much money
c) You can never be completely sure the sweater you're knitting is actually going to fit you.

But here I am in 2010 with the New Year's Resolution to knit a sweater. Day 11, and it's going fairly well. I had hoped to be done by yesterday, but re-evaluated and decided not to rush things so in the end I'm actually happy with it and get a few wears (or a whole lot) out of it.

I bound off the bottom edge today. Now just have to finish the sleeves and the neck edging.

Stay tuned for further updates.


Percy2626 said...

Slow down and not rush things??? Sheesh! Do you remember the sweater Mum was crochetting for herself? It's still not done. I on the other hand will NEVER attempt to knit, crochet or anything else a sweater! Would take me the rest of my life!

You are a crazy knitting woman! Can't wait to see pictures. What colour is it?

Michelle said...

It's black.

Jennie Frances said...

Can't wait to see it.
I think the one I was doing got lost in the basement flood at St. Jean!! :( That was really nice yarn.