Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Dell.ca

Thank you for selling computers. I have to say that I have been satisfied overall with my April 2008 purchase of your Vostro 1400 laptop. I loved the convenience of online ordering. I was familiar with your brand from my day job. I liked the customizationableness you afforded me with my laptop choices. I liked it that you shipped to my door.

It hasn't really given me any problems other than the fact that every once in awhile it tells me it doesn't recognize the adapter connected to it (and a quick re-seating of the cable end usually rectifies that issue). The battery life superseded that of most of my peers' laptops in teacher's college. And it's way cooler than my work T60 IBM laptop for my computer job.

I do have one complaint though. You send me too much mail. I get junkmail from you at least twice a month, if not more. Sometimes I get it at least once a week! I know, I know, I did purchase a "small business machine" as a "small business owner." But the key word here is small. It's just me. And I only need one laptop. And this one's still chugging away. The expected lifespan of a laptop is generally three years. It hasn't even been two yet! I'm hoping and expecting this one still lasts me a while.

I like my laptop. I recommend Dell to others.

But I do warn people about the junk mail.

Kind regards,

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Percy2626 said...

Call them and ask them to remove you from their mailing list. I've done that with credit card companies for the "cheques" they like to send out. It works.