Saturday, December 16, 2006

Flashback Friday: October 25, 2003

Christmas in October in Moose Jaw.

This was Jodi's idea, to get dressed up, go out for supper in Moose Jaw at the Overseas Restaurant (I still crave Overseas often), and peruse the Christmas sales on Main Street. Later we went chose names and went to the mall to get goodies for our gift exchange that night, and then went back to our apartment in Caronport at school to I think watch a movie and also exchange gifts. I don't remember who had my name, but I got an electronic fake TetrisBrick Game that I eventually let my parents keep after I couldn't pry it from their hands. :)

This photo was taken in some store along Main Street. Yes, I did wear my "Sound of Music" dress in public.
Top Row: Kaia, Erin, Heather, Leanne, Rachel
Bottom Row: Candice, Leanne, Michelle
Missing: Photographer Jodi

Apparently Erin is getting married today.


Leanne Normand said...

Ahh...the memories. That was a fun night! Gotta love Christmas in October.

rebecca said...

I used to do that in college with some of my close friends. We'd get all gussied up and then go out to eat at some dull place like "Denny's". Or we'd go bowling. We called it "Going to See the Queen". Fun Times.