Friday, November 10, 2006

Flashback Friday: 2003-2004

My last year of seminary, I lived in a 2-bedroom duplex apartment with two friends:

Jodi, whom I had been friends with for 4 years, and

Rachel, whom I had known of for probably just as long, but we weren't friends until we had lived in a house together the year before.

These are a few pictures from that year:

Playing Settlers of Cattan with a few of Jodi's guy friends. I hate Settlers. And I had forgotten about that weird shaped kitchen table that we had.

Choosing chicken is serious business. Jodi, you would be thrilled to know that this morning I considered wearing that shirt (your favourite), but then I reconsidered and wore a wool sweater instead. I'd also like to note how I think it was funny that my computer was in the eating area because our bedroom wasn't big enough for either of us to have a computer in there.

Greg would come over and head straight for the fridge poetry, I think it entertained he and Keith for hours. Jodi and Rachel, you will remember our "Ode to Men" photo collage on the fridge. And the "Gift from the Couch" wall sculpture in the background.

One day Jodi said "Let's do something fun!" so I busted out the change jar off the top of the fridge. I don't remember how much was in it, but we concluded it wasn't enough to do anything. Note Jodi's computer desk in the living room (again, no room in the tiny bedroom we shared) , the little Christmas tree Rachel bought, and the Inuit wall hanging Mr. Yoshiki gave me from the Arctic.

Heather and Jodi involved in a very intense Settlers game.

Scrapbooking on the futon in the living room in my celery shirt. I haven't scrapbooked since that year.

Now that I live alone I miss living with people, even though of course we did annoy each other at times. It's always nice to have someone around, or just to know someone will be coming home.

And I try and try to keep my apartment up to Jodi's cleanliness standards, but really it's close to impossible. I have no idea how she did it in the duplex.

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CC said...

Are you serious??! You hate Settlers??! That's so sad - I LOVE that game! First learnet to play it in Germany Christmas 1999 in GERMAN! We have it now in English!! =)