Thursday, November 09, 2006

This Virus, It's Spreading!

In case you haven't caught on, my new job is only three days a week. And my old job is still searching for someone to replace me. So I usually work Monday to Wednesday at my new job and then travel up north for two days at my old job.

I've told my colleague at my new job before that what I appreciate about coming back to my old job at the end of every week for a couple of days is the computer mouse.

At my new job the mouse would get all nutso on my and it would drive me crazy. The computers there, although better than what they had in the past, are old. Like 1998. Like they still aren't quite sure how to use a USB, and a few Word functions are strange (it took me a bit of time to figure out how to mail merge labels, as well as a few other tasks).

Anyways, back to the mouse. Or mice. Last week when I was at my old job my mouse there started to get a little sluggish.

And then this week it is completely out to lunch. It's a Kensington TurboRing. I had to check online how to take it a part... and once I did... it, uh, smelled like Doritos. And I don't even eat Doritos! Not sure who was using it. Anyways, nonetheless, it was full of all kinds of weird flakey brown stuff... dust and dirt I assume but I really can't be sure. I tracked down some spray air, and did my best, but it doesn't seem to have helped.

Anyone else with a TurboRing have any suggestions? It's driving me batty.


Sarah said...

Yuck. Reminds me of when my old laptop came from ebay and I sat there for several hours taking each key off and removing hairs from the keyboard with tweezers. Oh, and a fingernail. Gag.....

Kim said...

Here's a suggestion: Get a new mouse. (Often there are some just sitting on other people's desks that you can take).