Friday, November 10, 2006

Settling In

A few people have asked me how I'm doing, and trust me, a long post is coming on that. But I only have so many hours in front of a computer, so many with the internet, and so many, or lack there of, to compile coherent thoughts.

I'm still trying to figure my apartment out, still trying to make it home. It's kind of "modern"-ish I would say, and lacks the older charm character I loved in my old apartment. I think the older house charm reminds me of our summer trips to my Gramma's as a child. Her house was built in the early 30s. I like houses like that.

And it's a lot different furnishing a whole apartment (rather than just a room and a few other pieces here and there throughout) by yourself as opposed to with roommates. Something in me makes me think it should be easier. But then again, my entry/living room/studio/kitchen/dining space (one looooong room) are a whole lot bigger than my kitchen/dining/living room were in the old apartment that I shared (I'd say there is 2-3x the space even). And the walls are at weird angles in some places. I'm not quite sure what to do with them.

I was reading a couple of craft blogs today and I stumbled across this post from SouleMama with this picture of an "inspiration" or "ideas" thingy for your wall, and it reminded me of how a long time ago I was going to do that. I had thought about it awhile ago, and I even have a bunch of those mini clothes pins. I think I have a good chunk of wall I could put a few fun things up... horray for no more boring white walls.

My first year out of dorm in school I had a big bedroom, and above my desk area I had a whole mishmash of assorted things tacked up to the wall: green paint chips of the wall colour I really wanted (instead of the white that the room was, clippings of various illustrations from magazines, a poplar leaf, old cards I loved, drawings I had done, a few tree photos, design elements, quotes, etc. Sometimes I wish I still had all those things to hang up again. Somewhere in my college scrapbooks I have a few pictures. I loved that wall, it put me to sleep with ideas and dreams, and was there to greet me with joy each morning.

Part of me is somewhat lethargic (or maybe apathetic is a better word) towards putting things up and making it home-y in my new place, because I will only be living there until June 15th at the latest (this was the agreement when I moved in, the landlord's newlywed daughter will be moving in with her husband then). Sometime in the spring I'll probably start to get stressed out about where I'm going. Well, actually, I could see that happening in the winter already. Ah chuckle chuckle.

Anyways, for now, I'm still working on things. Having my studio area set up has helped immensely... I don't have to move my sewing machine off the kitchen table or work around it all the time. And I have a big empty kitchen counter that seems to be always covered with projects in motion. I love that.

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Holly said...

i'm glad you liked your room, mine was that stupid blue sponge paint, i would have LOVED white walls instead of sponge paint..