Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Packing it All In

Tomorrow morning at 9:15am, because this is Ontario and Ontario has graduated licensing, I am taking my Level Two Road Test... and hopefully I shall be done with driver testing forever! I didn't realize when I was 15 and a half and taking my first learner's permit written test that it would be a thirteen year process.

Then, I'm driving an hour and fifteen minutes to another appointment. At 12:15, I'm having four "complicated tooth extractions"... a.k.a. my wisdom teeth are being removed. I assume I'll be out of commission for a couple of days. Hopefully I get a sticker after the surgery and I wake up. Remember the good ol' days when you got a sticker from the dentist? I think they should bring those back for all, not just for kids.

Those stickers seriously crack me up.

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Robert Martinson II said...

My dentist gave us toothbrushes and floss.
I guess its better to have loved and flossed than to never have flossed at all.