Friday, May 05, 2006

Flashback Friday: 1978

This little desktop calendar is one that my Mom got when she was a teenager I believe, and when I was a kid it was always essential to have on the little ironing-table-teacher's-desk that I would set up whenever we played school. And now it's an essential on my work desk, I flip it every day.

Like the year of my birth, May 5th is a Friday this year. I always thought that Fridays were the best days to have birthdays, because then you could have your party after school and no one had to leave early to go home. You could even have a sleepover on your actual birthday.

So, what better way to celebrate 28 years than have friends up for the weekend? So we're staying in a cottage that the camp I work for owns, and watching movies, and doing high ropes, and going out for supper, playing board games, having a BBQ, etc. And to all of you who couldn't come.... you're missing out!


Neely said...

Happy birthday (wait, do I have the right date?)!

It does sound like we're missing out :)

carlybish said...

Dude. Happy friggin' birthday... I need your address again. (Email me.)

sarah said...

happy birthday, michele! hope this one's your best ever!

megan said...

Happy Birthday! The celebration sounds like loads of fun! (Great calendar, too, btw)

Marco said...

Happy Birthday (two days late...)

I keep meaning to send you an Amsterdam postcard. Maybe I'll finally get around to it this week. Could you remind me of where I can find "the mailing address"?

God bless you.

Andrew said...

A Cinco de Mayo baby -- just like my sister. Happy belated birthday!


P.S. - Thanks for stopping by the blog the other day. It was good to hear from you.

P.S.+ - 1978 was the year I graduated high school. Now I'm feeling very, very old.

Michael said...

Happy Birthday, it would have been a far drive for me it sounded like it would have be a great time.