Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It's March

Happy March 1st everyone. I decided it was time for a new template. I'm not sure that I'm done tweaking and modifying it yet, but here are the details:

Template basis from: Blogger Templates, "K1"

The design factors I wanted to incorporate were:
- Top logo
- White background
- Plain font
- Blogger comments-enabled
- Post-page enabled

This template seemed to have all of the features that I wanted, and only required minor tweaking to get the look I wanted and fix up the sidebar.

There are a few issues with this template that I'm not sure how they will play out:
- The Blogger nav bar at the top has been disabled with this family of templates.
- The comments have to have everyone enabled to comment on. In a spamming world, I'm not sure about this.

Overall, this template has a lot more "gibberish" than the other templates that I have worked with in the past, so figuring out how to change things on some parts has led me to make do.

Also, as a result of installing this template, the titles for all of the posts below this one are no longer visible. Also, you cannot comment on any of the comments below this one on this page for now as the Haloscan comments are not linked on this template. If you would still like to comment on them, you can go to the February Archive Page and that will allow you to comment.

Anyways, I'm trying this template out. Let me know what you think.


Michelle said...

I'm testing the comments.

Peter said...

For some reason, the 'name' and 'website' fields come pre-filled with this gibberish:

FRQSTR=18950261x219050:1:1440x219050:1:1440x232133:1:1440|18950261|18950261|18950261|18950261; tfuser=6326

FRQSTR=18950261x219050:1:1440x219050:1:1440x232133:1:1440|18950261|18950261|18950261|18950261; tfuser=6326

Michelle said...

Thanks Peter, I'll look into it... but I'm not sure I can fix it. I've never worked with Blogger comments before but I'll see what I can decipher from the html.

Michelle said...

Okay, I think I may have fixed it, but I had to disable the "remember me" feature. But I don't think it was working properly in the first place. I didn't know how to fix the feature so rather just deleted it to get rid of the extra text in the blanks.

megan said...

I like the header! It's cute & whimsical!

Michael Morgan said...

Very nice new look!

Peter said...

I am also happy that you now have post pages (aka permalinks). Makes it much easier to link to you!

CC said...

Wow, I like the new look. Very clean and fresh too. I also think I like your comments page better than my haloscan one!

When I picked a new template, I went to haloscan and they fixed it for me to link into my template. Maybe you could try that if you want your haloscan back.

rachel said...

These comments are way easier to navigate than the other blogger-powered one. I appreciate security and all but I hate those little strings of nonsense that I have to interpret in order to prove that I'm a living human being.

Really like this template. It's way too wintery here for me to be thinking about template editing quite yet... but maybe a little spring change would bring spring weather?

Rachel said...

okay, but a little confusing when I post and it redirects me to this 'leave your comment page' rather than back to your blog post.