Wednesday, March 01, 2006

88 Strong

Today is my Gramma's 88th birthday. And in three days I'll be the exact age she was when she got married. I always thought as long as I got married at or before the same age she did (almost 28), I'd be safe and normal.

But anyways, this post is about the wonderful woman my Gramma is, and not the fact that I'm not going to be normal any more. ;)

Many of my most vivid childhood memories are from, and one of the things I used to look forward to most as a kid, was the week or two each summer we would pack up the van and take the day's drive to my Gramma's house and farm for a visit/vacation. Visiting her was always like a step into the past full of memories and stories and wonderful fun things that grandmothers and grandchildren should share together.

She is a strong valiant woman whom I've always looked up to and always hoped to be like. One of my greatest regrets about leaving the west is the fact that I'm no longer a day's drive or two away from a wonderful visit with her.

Thankfully telephones have been invented. And that she still has her old rotary dial phone to answer.


megan said...

That's a great photo, she sounds like a wonderful woman & a super gramma.

Drina said...

Wow, congratulations to her. She sounds like such an awesome person to have for a gramma!

Melissa said...

I understand the "normal" thing... I always figured the same if I was married by the time I reached my mom's age when she got married... passed that a couple of years ago! Oh well, normal isn't all it's cracked up to be, and there is still time. Here's to hope!