Friday, March 03, 2006

Flashback Friday: 1990

This lovely picture is from a cross-country skiing trip that my class had the option of participating in back in Grade 6. I was a keener and had received my own cross-country skiis that year or the year before for Christmas, so I was of course an expert.

However, what you will note from this photograph is not my great skiing ability, but instead my great jacket with a matching useless scarf and permanently rolled-up sleeves. My Mom bought me home that jacket from Wool-co (this was in the pre-Wal*Mart days). It had the smallest neck in the world and I could never zip it up all the way. And the scarf was bizarre and purely decorative, but I always wore it no matter what.

That kid in the background with the white jacket and the flourescent orange hood, that's Stevie Peters. I remember wondering who on earth would want a white jacket, I just had white rolled-up sleeves and they were always dirty. Stevie always borrowed my racoon markers and that was, to me at age 11, the most annoying thing on the planet.

But, my favourite person in this picture is the kid behind me, the one with the red earmuffs, the kid who doesn't have a clue how to ski at all. :)

Thanks to Megan for the flashback idea.


Ben said...

I kinda like the kid with the black jacketm arms outstreached like he's about the go alpine skiing or tackle the ski jump. He's pretty extreme, was he the cooL kid?? Or I guess the cooL kids probably didn't go to optional cross country ski day trips. They probably stayed at home and smoked in allys or something.

megan said...

Oh, yeah, the scarf... I had a superdooper long one that my mom knit that I could have easily Isadora Duncan'ed myself to death on! So cool that you're doing a Flashback Friday too! :-)