Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday: MOM!

This isn't really a self-portrait, because I didn't take it, but you get the idea. It's sometime in grade 6, so age 11. I can deduce this from the fact that I got glasses (aren't those SWEET frames?) in January that year (1990), and my hair cut in March-ish (so the back was finally the same length as the sides.

I always practiced my flute while sitting at the piano. But my annoying sister decided she would practice piano while I was practicing flute (she was super annoying). You can get a sense from this photograph of my frustration.

Please note the following details:
a) My mint green pants. I thought mint green was the best colour ever. Seriously, how could it ever go out of style?
b) Matching belt.
c) That grey kitten statue-thingy on top of the piano. My Mom still has that. She loves it. There's a matching mother cat.
d) The grey plant pot on top of the piano. It was a fake begonia. The fake begonia that my Dad watered while everyone else was away one time. It didn't even look the faintest bit real.
e) Gingerbread house. I remember trying to eat it much much much after Christmas. It was very stale. We made them in Girl Guides I think.
f) My music folder, the white one with teal and purple writing on it. It was from St. John's Music. The tan one next to it, that one is one my Mom covered with herb wallpaper for my sister. I thought it was ugly, mine was much cooler. ;)
g) My Bundy II. That was the brand of flute I had. I loved that flute. But I hated practicing it. I took flute in band class from grade 5 through to the end of grade 8, then I quit because finally my Mom said I could. My Gramma said I would regret it. But I never really learned to read music and it was getting harder and harder to keep up, and I never wanted to practice. I kept the Bundy II until I went off to college, and then I sold it because I needed money to buy paints and other art supplies. Now I kind of miss it and wish I still had it. More for the sentimental value, it's not like I'd be any more likely to practice it now.

My Mom always says this is one of her favourite pictures of me. It makes me laugh.

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