Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More Pictures From The Weekend, Because Really When Am I Ever Likely to Do That Again?

As a disclaimer, this series of photos includes some of the most unattractive photos ever. I blame it on the jackets. And the toques.

The horrid horrid down-filled extra jumbo-large jackets (this picture does not accurately portray just how exactly terribly horrible these really were!)

These are the pucks they got the second day, they kept running out (you know, getting lost in the snow). These pucks just had French on them.

I decided if I was going to be at this jumbo big hockey event, I had better pick a favourite tearm. Ridiculousness of name and colour of jerseys were all factors that led me to pick The Porkies. Unfortunately they weren't very good. I was the runner/rink assistant for one of their games, but I didn't pay very much attention to their score. I did pass one of their score sheets from an earlier game up to HQ, and they lost that one 23-2.

They all had the same last name on their jerseys. And they had a couple extra people with jerseys too, I think maybe dad was the coach. My friend and I decided that we needed to get our picture taken with a team, and I thought that the Porkies would be sweet. That opportunity however wouldn't present itself until later on in the weekend.

This woman won the prize for the ugliest snowsuit. I'm thinking it's gotta be circa the early 90's at least.

And look, her husband had a matching one! The hockey player in front is from a women's team called "The Bad Apples". They all had plastic apples stuck in and glued to their helmets. The womens hockey was a whole other league/level from the majority of the mens hockey teams.

Here you can sort of see some of the rinks on the bay. There were 24. At the official site you can see an aerial shot of them all.

We were bored so decided to take some cheese pictures. Like me in front of the Yamaha semi.

Have you ever heard of Tri-Lite TV? Neither have we. But hey, the pond hockey championship was enough to get them out to Muskoka!

The super-jumbo-large-Yamaha-blow-up-balloon-quad-thing. And just when we got done taking this picture we spotted the Porkies posing for pictures! This was my big chance!!!

But by the time I got down behind the large Yamaha blow-up thing, they had quit posing. But I ran down by them anyways. Now that I look at this photo, that man in the rubber boots behind me is standing awfully close. You can't tell, but I have both of my thumbs in the "thumbs up" position (which matches my facial expression nicely I think).

This is what I ended up doing all weekend...shovelling the ice/slush. I was a runner/rink assistant, and as such I was one of those that shovelled off the ice between games and between the two periods (it's pond hockey, they have weird rules... I should have taken a picture of the nets for you too). Some of the hockey players were nice enough to help shovel, they could do it much faster since they were wearing skates and we were not allowed to.

In the words of my friend Susan, the above photo sums up the whole weekend. This was around 3:30pm on Saturday, after they had called off all of the afternoon games (because the warm weather was melting the ice and it was turning to slop), after all the runners and officials had cleaned off the ice that we were allowed to clean off. We were waiting waiting waiting to find out what we were to do next, and I kept saying "Let's go home, no one will notice" (our shift was over at 5:30pm, and they weren't starting any more games until 7:30 anyways). Except there was one problem... they were holding our own jackets hostage and you had to sign in and sign out so people would notice if we left. Anyways, we stood around some more, and some more, and some more, and then finally finally finally they let us go at like 5pm.

This is me waiting for the shuttle to our parking lot. I have no words to describe how horribly awfully itchy those toques were.

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