Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm A Failure at My Own Projects

I was a little apprehensive to start a new blogging project this year, because I have this horrible tendency to procrastinate. And lookey here, it's January 31 and have you seen my January Hometown Six photos? My big plan was to take them over the month... and I think I have, well, maybe three that I could actually use. Part of the problem is that I work during the day and after work it's too dark to take photos (hey, it's winter and all, and this is Canada), so pretty much I can just take them on weekends when it's daylight and I can go out. So my new big plan was to take them this past Sunday, as I was at the hockey thingy all day Saturday. But of course then it was super snowy on Sunday all day!

So, I've extended the deadline to February 6th. For myself, and for those who said "Yeah, I'd love to participate!" but haven't yet. Thanks to all the keeners out there who were very enthusiastic and took their photos and got them up right away, you're an inspiration to me. :)

And the new February Hometown Six Challenge will be up February 6. Thank you for your enthusiasm and good attitudes. :)

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