Monday, January 30, 2006

Dear Columbia

Dear Columbia Sportswear,

This past weekend I was a volunteer at the Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. As volunteers, we were told :

"Columbia Sportswear Co. & Sorel is outfitting all championship volunteers and officials with outerwear to keep them comfortable regardless of the weather Ontario’s north throws at them. "Keeping volunteers and officials warm and comfortable, and looking on the top of their game with Columbia Sportswear & Sorel’s distinctive clothing, will contribute to the success of this important championship," says Jeff Timmins, Marketing Manager, Columbia Sportswear Co. & Sorel (Canada)." (from the Sponsorship section of the Pond Hockey website)

I was pumped. I mean, I'd love a Columbia jacket, I can't afford one. But when I showed up on Friday at Volunteer HQ, I was given a LARGE MEN'S FURRY-HOODED BLACK JACKET. It was the largest jacket I've ever seen. I had requested a womens size medium, had something gone wrong? I was informed that they didn't get the right sizes. No, they didn't have any extra ones I was told, I would have to wear that. It covered my knees. It was as big as a house. The sleeves completely covered my arms and hands and went well past my finger tips. What time is it? I don't know, I can't find my watch!

And unfortunately, it wasn't until later that I discovered it was down-filled. Sure, down is nice and warm, but I'm allergic to it! Luckily the next day I wasn't forced to continue wearing it, but unfortunately for my outdoor volunteer position I was given a large womens fleece to replace it, which was still too large for me.

If I could attach pictures to this comment form, I would, to illustrate just how large these jackets were. I was very disappointed I did not get an appropriately-sized jacket. a) it was very hard to do my volunteer position (as a rink assistant taking care of the ice surface) in a jacket that went past my knees and arms or in a fleece in a Canadian winter, and b) I looked very frumpy in a position where I should have looked respectable as a person representing the Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships.

I was disappointed that we were not properly outfitted for the weekend as we were assured we would be.


P.S. Yes, those could quite possibly be some of the most horrid photos ever.

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