Thursday, September 15, 2005

Congratulations on the Dogs

Back in the day
, I used to wait for the first day of the month like kids wait for Christmas, because the first day of the month meant a new issue of The Plug would be out and up online for me to peruse during my school day or my work day or whatever when I got bored and needed to do something online.

The Plug seriously entertained me for hours. And unfortunately I didn't space out reading his archives over time... I just sat there and went through the whole thing at once and laughed and laughed. Let this be a lesson and learning experience to all you who have never read The Plug before: space out your reading, there's no new stuff coming in the imminent foreseeable future.

I even loved The Plug so much I sent him a postcard for his mail section, and another time I emailed him about our bathroom guestbook, because I thought that was his kind of humour.

But I didn't know that The Plug was planning an ending.

When November 2004 rolled around and The Plug rolled out it's final issue, I was crushed. Since then, the first day of the month hasn't held any excitement for me. Well, except for maybe January 1st, because that's the whole first-day-of-the-year thing, and that's always exciting, for, you know, ten minutes until you realize you've just stayed up to watch other people kiss and get drunk, when you don't tend to participate in either activity.

I wish today was the first day of the month, but it's half way through the month, so maybe that's a bonus. Because today when I was perusing my Bloglines I noticed that one of those blogs I don't admit to reading had updated, and through that I learned that the infamous aforemention "The Plug," a.k.a. Jay Carlson, had gotten engaged. It was just like a whole new issue of The Plug had just come out.

It was almost like Christmas on September 15.

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