Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Few Observations

1. Sunday at my church they did a little "introducation to each ministry" thing and talked about the different ministries and fellowships and groups in the church. You know, what the youth group does, what the different children's ministries are, what the womens' ministries and mens' ministries are, etc.

And as I was sitting there listening to all the people talk about the ministries they run and watching video clips, etc., I thought to myself, the mens' ministries look waaaay more fun than the womens' ministries. Like I would way rather go to Men's Extreme Sports Night than the women's ministry seminar with dessert and a talk from some woman on shopping and budgeting and ways to save money.

2. I always think I should just have one email address, but then again I like to have one for my #1 email and real friends and personal correspondence and such, and one for forms and internet signups and public displays of emailness, and one to Bcc emails to for future reference, etc. And besides, it's way more fun to have the suspense of a second email address to check later in the day when you get to work after a weekend of no internet and find you only have 3 crappy forwards in your real email.

3. Antiques Roadshow. I watch this show like 2 or 3 times every weekend, you know, because my life is that exciting. I personally prefer the American version, because they write the value on the bottom of the screen at the end of an appraisal and you can very easily watch this version of the show on mute when you're on the telephone. The Canadian version would be a close second, but I find the music annoying when they announce the value. And the host Valerie Pringle isn't my favourite. The American and Canadian versions have more antiques that one would be likely to have, as compared to the British version. I like the theme song of the British version of AR the best, but some of the antiques I find rather boring. But stuff on that version is usually a lot older, which is neat. And they never write the value of the items on the screen, so you can't watch it on mute. And sometimes I find converting the pounds to dollars in your head annoying.

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