Friday, September 02, 2005


I'm back from my trip across Canada and the US with my friends Jordan, Ben, Tori, James... and my camera pooch, Paris.

Sudbury was our first stop on the trip north through Ontario. I used to live there with my aunt and uncle and two cousins when I went to college there for a couple of years. We stopped in at the information centre where my cousin works (I hadn't seen her since Christmas), at Harvey's for the first of what would seem like a MILLION meals, and at the Big Nickel. Here's Paris:

Later that day we also saw the Big Loonie in a town I was never really sure of the name of. The person who designed the Loonie (Canada's $1 coin) was from there. Here's Paris, me, Jordan, and Ben:

The second day we stopped in Thunder Bay, Ontario, at the Terry Fox Memorial and lookout. He was a great Canadian hero, I wish I could have met him. Paris got out and did some "business." Don't worrry, I cleaned it up. This picture I mostly took for funkypancake.

Here's a close-up of Paris:

The third day we went through Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, not too far from where I grew up. Here is Tori, Ben, James' pillow (James flew out to Saskatchewan, and drove back with us... so only his pillow made it to the largest can of his favourite beverage), me, and Paris in front of the World's Largest Coke Can:

Here's Ben and Paris at the eastern border of Saskatchewan along Highway #1:

Here's Paris in Moose Jaw at the park:

While we were in Saskatchewan, Monica and Mike got married. Unfortunately Paris didn't make it into any of those photos:

After the wedding was over, the trip home began back through the USA. Paris was thrilled to see the World's Largest Buffalo in Jamestown, North Dakota. I think this is my favourite photo from the whole trip, it makes me laugh out loud every time:

Here's Paris at the giftstore in the National Buffalo Museum:

Our search for Bison/Buffalo burgers was met with success at a restaurant called Grizzly's in Jamestown. They had some from Buffalo Days in the freezer, and kindly cooked them for us. Buffalo is a little dry, and tasted like other burgers to me, although everyone else said they could taste the difference.

Here's Paris and friends with Sharky at the Mall of America:

Ans somewhere in Illinois, or maybe it was Indiana, Paris sat out in front of a Cracker Barrel in the little chair, with Jordan, Ben, Tori, and James:

One of Paris' final stops was in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the heart of Frosh Week at the University of Michigan. Jordan found a book about Paris' species:

I have more photos... I'll post them when I have time. I had a great trip. But for now, I'm going home to nap because I'm tuckered out after a day of work. Thank goodness for a three day weekend!

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