Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I woke up at 7:39, so I missed out on 21 minutes of sleep that could prove to be a crucial mistake later on today. I turned on my radio from the comfort of my bed, with my remote control, and listened to Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway”. I wasn’t planning on rolling out of bed until 8, but I decided to get up and turn off my alarm so I wouldn’t have to hear it (I hate the sound of alarm clocks… really really hate it), and then I actually made my bed the proper way, and not just the fake way I have been so far all week (you know, just kinda pulling the comforter to cover up the messy sheets and straightening the pillows) and then I got ready and stuff. And then I realized my remote control was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Seriously, somewhere in the midst of making my bed it DISAPPEARED. I will need to find that thing, because I can’t be expected to get up out of bed to change the radio station or CD. I didn’t have time to find it this morning thought, even despite the extra 21 minutes of awake-ness, because I had to go and check the weather channel and realize that it was -22 degrees Celcius and then go out and warm up my car.

Some day it’s going to be warm again, right?

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