Tuesday, November 30, 2004


On the weekend I bought an antique dresser (or chest of drawers, or whatever you would call it in your dialect of English), for a really good price at a neat shop downtown. It’s super cool, but it was a silly thing to buy since I’m still sleeping on the floor. Really I should be saving money and sometime next year I can buy a bed. But, hey, at least my clothes now have a place to rest their heads at night, and I really have unpacked my suitcase from the summer. I’m doing a snowflake theme in my room, someday I’ll be done getting it all organized and I’ll take a picture and post it. What’s more Mikao than snowflakes? ;)

Friday night I went with my roommate Natasha to the local Santa Claus Parade. I’ve never heard of a Santa Claus Parade before that I can recall, other than maybe on tv, but around here every town has got one. I enjoyed the part where the people running alongside with the floats hand out candy to the children and the adults who are smart enough to stick out their hands. And this parade was hi-tech enough to hand out bags and then you could just hold out your bag and the candy-hander-outers would just drop candy in and more often than not would not look up to check the age of the bag holder. Ah, chuckle chuckle.

Sunday I spent the day crafting it up working on this year’s special edition Christmas card. They are turning out quite nicely if I do say so myself. Last year I made three different kinds, but this year I’m just making one kind and everyone is getting that kind. If I do not have your mailing address and you would like one, please email me at dialog (at) briercrest.com.

Yesterday I finished knitting my first-ever mitten. How great is that? I’ve always wanted to know how to knit mittens and now I finally can! Horrah. It’s much faster to knit up a pair of mitts than it is to knit a scarf, so this will come in very handy for gifts, I would think that I could probably finish a pair in two evenings of watching a couple of hours of television and knitting at the same time.

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for a five-day national conference with the parent organization of the camp I work for, should be interesting. It will be nice to meet new people, but I wish it didn’t cut into the weekend. Later in the year I’ll get those days back, but by Monday or Tuesday next week I’ll be exhausted.

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