Friday, November 26, 2004

Horizontal World

Today I just confirmed my Christmas vacation days... how great is that? I am just at this moment planning to visit some relatives at Christmas who live a couple of hours from here as it's too expensive for me to travel the 3577 km (or 2222 miles for those who like to think in miles!) home to my parents. But it should be nice to see my relatives, I haven't been able to visit them for two and a half years.

Next week we at work are all heading out for a national five-day conference on Wednesday, one that is put on every three years by the parent organization of our camp and everyone from across Canada comes. Well, everyone who works full-time for the organization. It's all expenses paid too... which of course would be REALLY GREAT if we were going SOMEWHERE COOL like Vancouver or Banff or, gosh, even Winnipeg... but nope. We only have to travel an hour to get there.

Many have expressed the fact that they do not especially want to go. I, on the other hand, happen to like conferences, they're usually pretty fun I find. And, something I am particularly excited about is the fact that I get to sleep on a real bed. I've been sleeping on a hard-as-a-rock vinyl-covered cot-sized mattress borrowed from camp as I cannot afford a bed. Sleeping on a real bed will be living in the lap of luxury. I can't wait!


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