Monday, November 16, 2009

Fly Away

I keep thinking I should blog more often, but then after sitting at a computer all day working, usually afterwards I'm too tired to do more of the same and would rather do something else! We've been having some lovely fall weather lately, today I drove with my window down in disbelief that it actually was this late in November. But I'm quite alright with the weather staying this nice for awhile!

I got this bird t-shirt a couple of weeks ago at Jacob Connexion... too many birds to wear on it's own but I think it looks nice peaking out from beneath a sweater.

Have been working on a few Christmas presents lately, finally finished the cabled neckwarmer after I bought some buttons this past Friday. Why are buttons so expensive? $3 for 4? Really? That's ridiculous. I know somewhere I have some that my Gramma gave me last summer, but I can't seem to find them any of the places I would put them.

Slowly I've been sorting through my room and belongings and trying to perhaps better organize and figure out things I don't need to keep any more. Have some fabrics I will really never use and am not sure why I bought in the first place. Have some clothes that I always think maybe I'll wear that again "some day," but really I never wore it in the first place so why would I wear it ever? And of course always have piles of paper I need to deal with and sort out and file and such. Really would love a filing cabinet, that would solve a lot of problems. Or perhaps just make more.

I was originally planning on taking photos last weekend and posting them for each part of the weekend list, but didn't get photos of everything. So Mom, I'll still email you some graduation photos. The pancakes were very good. The steak was okay. Never did find a pile of leaves.

I'll end this post with a recommendation: the Starbucks Caramel Brule Latte. And I don't even like coffee.


natasha said...

Love the bird shirt. Almost to the point where I need one, we'll see.

Also I am ridiculously excited to see you. I am going to make sure I am here to pick you up whether or not I am going to Seattle. I need to see you. We need to go to The Sugarbowl together and hang out in my studio.

jennie frances said...

Ok, where is the email with the grad photos?? Still waiting - actually I am waiting to see you at Christmas. It will be so nice to have you home for a few days. Really looking forward to it. Sure miss you Michelle. You are too far away!
Jillie would like the birdie shirt :)
Love you