Thursday, November 26, 2009


1. In grade 7 practically every day when I came home from school I had a snack consisting of a glass of chocolate milk (homogenized milk with Quik mix) and a spoonful of peanut butter (the chunky kind, in the jar with the red lid with a squirrel on it). Sometimes I still come home and have that for a snack.

2. I had never driven alone until I was 24 years old. I didn't yet have my full licence then (but it was just down the block to drop a car off at the repair shop).

3. I still think McDonald's is a real treat.

4. I started sewing when I was 4 years old.

5. I missed my kindergarten Halloween party because I ate a Nestle chocolate pudding (back when they came in little cans with pull-tabs) and got sick because I was allergic to chocolate and didn't know it.

6. The oldest piece of clothing in my closet is from 1996. How nuts is that?

7. I have a Gmail account that I get mostly mail for other people with the same name as me. In fact, more mail is for them than for me. Theatre e-tickets, overdue library books and CDs (Michelle, return those overdue Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift CDs), information on the house she just purchased, photos of various kids, emails from MeMaw, letters from her long-ago lover, I've seen them all.

8. There are certain Judds songs that I can still sing word-for-word due to long family trips and limited cassette tape selection.

9. I carry a full keyboard to work, for two reasons. a) So I have a full-size keyboard and don't have to use a laptop keyboard, and b) since I always use someone else's cubicle then I don't have to use their germy keyboard.

10. This list has taken me forever to write. I keep getting interrupted!


Percy2626 said...

Is it still chunky Squirrel peanut butter? Are you still allergic to chocolate at all?

1996! It's time to get rid of whatever that clothing is. You could make it into something else maybe! Actually I think I have stuff from 1996/97. Some of those western shirts I made. Don't wear them, but they have been used for school stuff by the twins sister!

Ahhh, the good old Judd's! I can sing most of those songs too. I call that the "To B.C. and back tapes!" Of course it was much further to B.C. from St. Jean than it is from here!

McDonald's is still great, just don't try eating it when you are nauseous! Savannah wants to go to Walmart to get fries all the time. Of course, we don't usually go anywhere near the McDonald's when we are there.

Glad you are blogging more regularly now.

Jillian said...

♪"John Deere Tractor in a half acre fieeeeld, trying to plow a furrow, where the soil is made of steeeel..."♪

jennie frances said...

Do you know why the oldest clothes you have in your closet are from 1996? Because your older clothes are here in my house taking up my space :)
Here it is Nov 29th and I am seeing your 26th entry - will have to check more often.
The Judd's - whenever I hear them - there is something familiar.