Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Claudia Progress

I decided to go with the pattern Claudia and make a toque with my lovely Cascade 220 wool. I've had the PDF of this pattern saved for awhile, and wanted to go with something cable-y for this yarn, so seemed like a good match. This yarn appears to be a little bit lighter and less itchy than the Briggs & Little wool that I am used to, although I haven't decided yet if I'll keep this when it's done or give it away as a gift (Christmas is just around the corner). Usually I can't wear wool toques, my forehead gets too itchy.

So far it is slow going, I've knit two afternoons and am only finished the band and opening "trellis" pattern. What's with boring afternoon television? How come there isn't anything good on? House Hunters, House Hunters International, Ellen, and a little bit of classic Party of Five is getting me through this one.


Percy2626 said...

Looks pretty so far.

Miss Jodi said...

i love ellen

natasha said...

Yay for you blogging more and cudos on the knitting. The only thing I can make is scarves, ha.