Monday, August 03, 2009

Long Weekend

I've been thinking about posting for a long time, really. And then yesterday I looked at my blog and realized really how loooooong it had been.

Chalk it up to a busy busy summer and lack of motivation. I finished my studies officially at the end of June, and now officially am unemployed as a teacher. However, I continue to work at camp and at the computer company (part-time). Camp has been fairly good, busy as usual, different from other summers, overall good.

This weekend, being the long weekend, gave us an extra day off... starting camp Monday at 1:30 rather than Sunday at 1:30. So so so very nice to have an extra day. Saturday I took off from computers and went shopping and ran some errands, did some sewing. I looked all over for dinosaur fabric and didn't end up finding any anywhere, so ended up getting some other fabric that I already had a bit of. Worked on another baby quilt in the evening. Would post some pictures but they're on my memory stick and it's downstairs and it's too much effort to go down there and get it. :) After fabric shopping I went to the mall and ended up getting a grey polka dot tank top from Old Navy and a flashy dress from Forever 21.

And now it's back to camp for another week.


Percy2626 said...

Lazy bum! Need to put those pictures on here next time you go from downstairs to upstairs! Half the fun of a blog is the photos.

Glad you got to finally do some things for yourself instead of just working all the time.

Jillian said...

A tank top! Good heavens! What is the world coming to? I can't picture you wearing a tank top.

natasha said...

Yeah, you're pretty much the worst blogger ever. i have been periodically checking your blog with no success and had even considered un-bookmarking it as it was frustrating me. Shape up or you're out!