Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Myrtle Beach Report

This March Break I wasn't planning on doing anything but homework (and I still have a whole boatload left to finish before class on Tuesday!!!), but a friend invited me to go to Myrtle Beach with her and another friend, so off to the south I went.Our first few days were cloudy and rainy, but it was still warmer than at home. We drove straight through the night and arrived in the mid-afternoon. The ocean's nice even when it's cloudy.
This was the sunrise on our last day. Thankfully things had cleared up and gotten sunnier towards the end of the week.

Our second last night we went to Original Benjamin's Calabash Seafood, which was an all-you-can-eat seafood place. 170 items in the buffet. I wouldn't go again, but it was a neat unique experience. On the way out I saw my old pastor on vacation with his golfing buddies, chowin' down.
Waffle House. I don't get it. They're EVERYWHERE down there in the Carolinas. And they say that they sell a waffle every two seconds. We stopped at one of these establishments on our drive down, but our waffles weren't quite cooked all the way through. And I had forgotten that some places you can still smoke in restaurants. Food doesn't taste good with cigarettes.
Last night on our drive back home we stopped at a Cracker Barrel somewhere in Ohio. I had Chicken n' Dumplins, with turnip greens and fried apples. I wasn't sure what turnip greens were, but I could guess. The biscuit and cornbread were very good, as were the apples. You can also see some deep fried okra there in the picture, which I had experienced at Benjamin's... although there they called them "Oysters Rockefeller". I like pickled okra better than deep fried okra, but they didn't have any from what I could tell.
I found this Samsung L200 camera in the surf on the beach. It didn't appear to have been there very long, had minimal water inside, but a lot of sand. The battery appears to be fine, and the memory card has a few dozen pictures on it (some girl and her friends, same girl kissing a guy, same girl and her new tatoo, some pics from Christmas, and a set of twins having a birthday party).
I've been trying to take it apart... I can only find 5 screws but the backplate won't come off the top section, I can't figure out how to get it apart where the dial is for the different picture modes. Couldn't find any info on the internet on how to take apart this particular model of camera. Anyone have any info or suggestions?


Peter R. Wood said...

You should visit and try to hook the lost camera (or at least its photos) up with its owner.

Re: Chicken 'n' Dumplings, I remember trying that at Cracker Barrel once, and thinking that the dumplings were pretty gross, although the other stuff was good. I also love how Cracker Barrel's menu is peppered with apostrophes to make various phrases sound "country"-ish. :-)

R. Pringle said...

Dear Mikao,

You get 5 gold stars for mentioning and picturing

b) Cracker Barrel.

Some of the folks from my res went down to New Orleans on a service project. Our one friend last year learned of the waffle houses and began to count. There were over 40 along the way to N.O., going through Sarnia and heading mostly on the I75.

We also counted cracker barrels for a while too, but then we also got a map of all the CBs in the states... there are a lot. We had 25 people all crammed into one, somewhere in Kentucky I believe.

I'm going to link this page from my tumblr, because my friends will appreciate it sooo much.

Percy2626 said...

Those meals look NASTY!!!

natasha said...

Take it to a camera shop.

Also I am sooo jealous of your beach vacation. I am craving the ocean and have to stay in crappy cold Edmonton for Spring Break.

R. Pringle said...

Yes of course I still read. I actually subscribe to your RSS, so I know when you update...

Anonymous said...

it looks like brains on your plate jm