Monday, February 16, 2009

Pink and Brown

When I was housemates with my friend Rachel in college, she invented a wardrobe concept, that, if I recall correctly, went something to the effect of each year (or perhaps each season) was going to have an overriding colour palette that she would name. So she called the first one "Neopolitan Thrift," which consisted of a heavily brown/tan/pink palette. Not too long after she decided though that she liked the colour scheme too much to change it so kept it for the next year at least (or is it still going strong Rachel?).

Last fall when Rachel was expecting, I made her a dress for the wee one, and I quite liked the way it turned out. This year, with the thousand million bajillion babies expected, I've been plugging away at various projects. So far, Juliet and Reagan have started things off right and are both little girls. Which is good, because I like making dresses. I'm not sure who'll get the one above yet, but I think it turned out lovely. I love the pink piping, slightly different than the lace I used for Rachel's dress for wee Nora.

I've continued to tweak the pattern as time goes on... I've made I think 10 from the same pattern base, no two the same. Yesterday I drafted a new neckline and sleeves. Only problem is, I don't have any babies around here to try it on and make sure it fits!

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