Friday, December 19, 2008

Life and Other Things

Back in July I went back to school full-time (probably because I said I'd never go back to school and things we say come back to haunt us) and today finished my first placement for teacher's college. The past five weeks I spent Monday to Friday teaching grade 7 and 8 students art, geography, literacy (English), and math. Now I'm on Christmas holidays, but will be spending most of it working... catching up on things at camp and still somehow managing to spend a few evenings a week and Saturdays working in computer service.

Wednesday night marked the completion of the pinwheel quilt I started back in October... I thought for awhile that it would be the quilt that never ended! I'll post some pictures when I can, at the moment my camera is on the fritz. I machine pieced and quilted it with a thin batting.

A little while ago on a break from the aforementioned quilt, I started another one. Tonight I'm working at getting the final rows sewn together before I begin to sew them to each other. The pattern is apparently called "Bento Box".

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