Tuesday, December 30, 2008

About Me

1. I like watching movies to the very end, to the very last of the credits.
2. I knit, but haven't yet learned to crochet.
3. I have three degrees and am somehow now working on my fourth.
4. My favourite colour is usually green.
5. I love trees.
6. I like strolling through antique stores.
7. I have a weakness for real letters and mail.
8. I've lived in four provinces, one territory, and two states.
9. As soon as the weather is agreeable, I stop wearing socks.
10. I really like peonies.
11. I love wool sweaters.
12. I won two short story writing contests in the sixth grade. I don't write that much any more.
13. I'm a reigning bubble gum chewing champion. 43 mini gumballs. 17 sticks of Double Bubble.
14. I miss the prairies.
15. Wheat fields always remind me of childhood.
16. I've always wanted a poofy 1950s-style dress.
17. I like dressing up.
18. I take sermon notes, mostly because I have a hard time staying focused.
19. I don't do well living alone.
20. I'd much rather make something than sit around doing nothing.
21. I miss HotRod, my first car, a red 1992 Mazda 323... purchased in 2004.
22. I crave carbs.
23. I collect cool knick knacks. Cool is completely subjective.
24. I'd like to learn to play the violin. And the piano.
25. Songs always have strong associative memories for me, then can take me back to a time, moment, or place in an instant.
26. I've never been overseas.
27. I tend to own an awful lot of pairs of brown mules, backless leather shoes.
28. I like poetry and good writing, but I don't read enough of it.
29. I love vintage jewelry.
30. I am thirty years old.

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