Saturday, September 13, 2008


I started making a small quilt today... and am playing around with a few layout ideas. What do you think? Click on any for a closer look.


Arrow Down
Zig Zag


Multi Zag

Left and Right (Not Connected)

Left and Right (Connected)

Multicoloured Lines

Flying Geese

Variated Flying Geese


Percy2626 said...

I like the target and multi zag ones.

Neely said...

I like the multi zag and the variated flying geese :)

jillian said...

Pam's crazy (oops, am I not allowed to disclose her secret identity?), the target one is the worst. I like the multi zag, too, though. Flying geese sounds good but it sure doesn't look like any geese I've seen.

Michelle said...

I thought we weren't supposed to call her "Pam" any more, even though we've been calling her that our ENTIRE LIVES. ;)

"Flying Geese" is the real name of the pattern. I didn't have enough sample blocks of any particular colour really to do the "multi zag" in zigzags of solid colour. once I decide on a pattern I'll piece enough blocks to do a coherent colour pattern. :)

Percy2626 said...

Yes dears, my name is Pamela. I don't know why you always called me that when Mum always said Pamela. I don't care if people know who I am on here, it just puts Percy2626 cause I sign in with my blog name.

The target pattern is just more different than the others. The rest are all geese or zig zags! I like the Multi Zag the best though. Looks like you've been sewing up a storm anyways Michelle.

Claire Louise Milne said...

The target seems very modern, I really like that. I also like the flying geese - maybe variated best.
Thanks for your visit and comment :-)