Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dear Tom

Yes, I'm sure I really want to delete my MySpace account.

There are a few reasons:
1. I never use it.
2. I don't need this info floating around on the web for anyone to read.
3. Facebook has overtaken MySpace and we all know it. Facebook is way easier to search and find people you know. With MySpace, it was always hit and miss... near impossible to find people you knew.
4. No one I want to keep in touch with has just a MySpace account. They've all switched to Facebook.
5. The layouts here always looked cheap.
6. Tom was never really my friend, no matter how much he wanted to be.
7. I'd like to stop the birthday announcements I get from MySpace that never tell me whose birthday it actually is.
8. I'd like to stop the spam friend requests I get too.

Thanks Tom and co.! Best wishes upon your future endeavours. I'll give Mark Zuckerberg your regards.



Peter R. Wood said...

Way to go! I deleted my MySpace account a while ago for most of the same reasons. Haven't missed it (or MySpace) at all.


This is too funny...I see your point.I've still got a MySpace account and I use Facebook too....

Percy2626 said...

Didn't know I could delete a MySpace account! I'll have to go do that! Thanks.