Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Reader's Digest

Thank you for the many years of enjoyment and things that I have learned due to your monthly magazine. There is not a time in my lifespan of 30 years that I cannot remember not having Reader's Digest in the house, more specifically, in my parents' bathroom.

I can remember doing some sort of Language Arts assignment in grade 5 using Reader's Digest magazines. I can remember the surprise at finding people we knew who had written in with submissions for Life’s Like That, All in a Day’s Work, Humour in Uniform, Campus Comedy, Tales Out of School and As Kids See It. And friends and family, throughout the years, would always say "I have a story I should send in to Reader's Digest".

As an adult, it has been nice to receive a yearly subscription to RD from my Gramma, who always says you should never stop learning. These days, the new issues sit in my kitchen and housemates enjoy reading it when they sit down to eat breakfast or take a break at the table.

I have, however, been alarmed since this past summer to continually receive pieces of mail from numerous charities whom I know have purchased from or been given my mailing address from Reader's Digest. It started out with a neat set of address labels from the Muscular Dystrophy Association or some such organization. These were somewhat nice, although I was in the process of moving so the address would soon be null and void. Then, once I moved, I still received another set of Christmas address labels and seals from another charity at that same old address. I got a metal angel ornament from somewhere else. In the winter I also received some duck-themed labels from somewhere else. And then some with daffodils and irises and other flowers. And then the War Amps sent me some keychain tags. I actually like the War Amps (Drive Safe!) so I didn't mind that. Then I got some dog and kitten address labels.

And then this week I got a set of gift cards from another charity.

No less than two of these charities have sent me a nickel with their mailer, encouraging me to send it back (with more money).

It's not that I don't like address labels. And gift cards. and Christmas tree angel ornaments. But I've received 5 label sets in less than a year! I do send some mail, but certainly not enough to warrant having more than one set of address labels.

I don't know how to get off the junk mail list you sell my address on, but please remove me. If I cannot do it through such electronic means, let me know the mailing address and I'll send you a letter. I have a few address labels to use up.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Neat story about RD. They are still in our bathroom. We don't get address labels etc in your Dad's name, so are you sure it is RD that is selling your name. I got some with JF on them. That was a free magazine I ordered!!

Jennie Frances

Percy2626 said...

I don't get all those either. I've had the duck ones and somthing with a notepad and some labels to put on opened cans of soup and stuff! They aren't getting my address from R.D. though. They are not addressed the same, thank goodness.