Sunday, February 18, 2007

Flashback Friday, or Sunday

A family photo from a trip to Rock Lake, Manitoba, Summer 1993.


Joanne said...

Best Picture Ever.

Holly said...

why is your oldest sister the only one smiling?? is it wrong that i am overjoyed at knowing your bangs were far worse than mine ever were??

Pamela said...

You sure pick lovely photos for your flashbacks! That is Rocky Lake, not "Rock Lake" though. Rock Lake was where we went to camp. Rick, Gramma, and I went to Rocky Lake for a quick stop when we drove up to see Uncle John at his cabin at the lake near Flin Flon just before he sold it a few years ago. It was different than I remembered, but the good long stemmed tiny strawberries are still there! I made a bouquet of them to eat! HEHE.