Wednesday, February 07, 2007

6 Weird Things

1. Whenever I go in a parking garage I tend to worry that it might fall down on me.

2. I like eating uncooked pasta. It's crunchy, but I'm not sure what the good-ness factor is.

3. I believe that "almond" is properly pronounced with a silent "L". You know, like "salmon." I'm not sure what your problem is that you pronounce it the wrong way.

4. Whenever I fly, I mentally count my carry-on pieces (i.e. 1. Backpack, 2. Scarf, 3. Jacket, 4. Water bottle) each and every time I get up and move (i.e. leaving restaurant, leavingn waiting area, leaving plane, etc.), and then when I get my checked pieces of luggage back, I have to add them to the tally too. If I didn't do this, I'd totally get way stressed out wondering whether or not I had forgotten something somewhere.

5. I love driving barefoot. And I always have flip flops under my car seats. It's not really intentional, just somehow they happen to find their way there in the summer and just stay there all winter.

6. I looked in Ontario for over two years for good cottage cheese. All I could find was weird Ontario cottage cheese... until... Super Wal*Mart opened. I wish I never had to go there, except... they sell the good cottage cheese and no one else does! It's just like western Canadian cottage cheese, hurrah!

(I've been seeing the "Six Weird Things About Me" meme around the crafting blogosphere, and although no one has tagged me, and I am choosing not to tag anyone (although feel free to snag the meme!)).


R. Pringle said...

i hate parking garages for the most part.

i ate dry spaghetti on the weekend.

Jennie Frances said...

Hmmm, I have always liked uncooked pasta!! I ate elbow macaroni as a child, spaghetti and all sorts of macaroni when I was nursing my dear children!! :) (things you need to know) and I just ate some dry (Newman) noodles since I coldn't think of anything else to eat for supper.
Driving barefoot is against the law.
Glad you found "real" cottage cheese!!


megan said...

I hear you on the uncooked pasta thing-- somehow crunching on it makes the wait for the water to come to a boil seem not as long.
I hate those parking garages that curl around in really tight corkscrews and everyone is taking them at like 50 mph-- scary! I loves me some cottage cheese too! Let's start a support group.

Teresa said...

Hello Michelle...another of David Fisher's so many friends!
I am just stopping by to tell you that David is ill and wants us to pray for him!...Your's truly Terry

Robert Martinson II said...

if you eat too much uncooked pasta you can make yourself sick because it still grow and expands in your belly.

Pamela said...

1. I worry about someone driving around a corner to fast in those things and crashing into me. I also don't park that well, so usually have to park far away from the door.

2. Uncooked pasta is great. So is semi-cooked pasta. Before I couldn't have milk stuff I also dipped uncooked spaghetti into blueberry yogurt for a treat. Delicious!

3. Check! Was it me that told you about the salmon comparison? I use that all the time. Waitresses drive me crazy when you ask for Chicken Almond Salad and they say Chicken what?

4. I don't count luggage, just used to have to move a couple pieces at a time while watching the other pile like a hawk until I got it all where I wanted it! I count kids (the ones with me) everywhere I go. I lost Irvin for a couple minutes at Cornfest in 2005, boy was that ever scary!

5. Yep, driving barefoot is illegal.

6. No cottage cheese for me :( and no one here likes it. Susan left some here once, so I used part of it in lasagna. They liked it that way.

Pamela said...

I forgot to ask. What is the meme?